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If you are a movie geek and if you download movies from the torrent sites, its not possible that you haven't noticed the person 'aXXo'.

Downloading free movies from the Internet could be the most favorite stuff for the movie geeks, especially downloading movies using torrents. How one person can be a geek of movies by means of torrents, can be read in my previously written post, Boy, who never sleeps before the stroke of 2. But its because of lot of movies available freely on torrent sites. Thanks to those people who rip the DVDs into small chunks that can be fit on a single CD. Many DVD Rippers do this thing and make it available for downloading, but some persons are very famous for providing thousands of best quality movies in terms of sound & video.

aXXo is one of the best DVD Rippers, that is what I believe. In real life, aXXo is probably just an average person, but on the Internet he's a celebrity, with over a million people downloading his DVDrips every month. The search term “aXXo” is among the top searches on every torrent site, and even anti-piracy organizations use his name to trap people into downloading fake torrents.

torrentfreak.com conducted an Interview with aXXo.

Over to his Interview, aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent.

Torrents from aXXo can be found from these links.

Isohunt Mininova Superfundo The Pirate Bay

All about King of DVDRipp aXXo, So you can find aXXo all movies torrents link here with Covers, Subtitles and Other information regarding Movies.

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