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Its about a year we started an initiative for the Eye Donation. For few days, my team at my work place were involved a bit in this thing. But some how we were not able to continue with the same. We created an online group, got some valuable contacts, those can help us to make the people around us aware about the Eye donation.

After few days, few people were not with us in the team, as they left the organization. The conversation between us became very less & because of that, this thing was almost forgotten.

Let me just give you the few details about the eye donation, especially when a person die because of any reason, how you can give your valuable time for the Eye Donation.

The eyes of a died person can be donated within few hours after the time of death. In case if you are at the place of funeral, you can do something, like I did when my Nana got expired.

Last Sunday, my Nana left this world, due to Paralysis attack before 10 days back. It happened in Mid day time. I reached there at about 12:00 pm. All the related things were going on as usual as per the procedures in Hinduism.

After spending about an hour, I got myself sticked about the 'Eye Donation'. On the other moment, I asked my dad to come aside to talk, who was also sitting there just near to me.
I asked him about eye donation. He just said, "sure we can do, but just confirm a person aged about 75 can donate eyes ?"

So I just called Jaldip, well we used to call him Jaldipbhai. Now this person is so much into thing for this noble cause. He was the only person, because of him I am involved a bit in all this activities. So I called him to get the contacts with whom I can talk for the eye donation of my 'Nana'. I know that, wherever in this world, he could be, he will definitely do something to help me. So after the conversation with him, he took the responsibilities & called the respective authority.

In few minutes, he called me back gave me the contact details & then I called them & provide the necessary information about the died person to the Eye Bank Services, Nagri Hospital, Ahmedabad. They confirmed, they would be there in about 30 minutes.

We waited, they came within about 45 minutes as the distance of the place was far a bit from the hospital. A young lady of about my age & another aged lady as an assistance or something were here now. They came inside the room where the body was kept.

As I expected, everybody was trying to get closer to process, which was going to be stared to take the eyes from the body. They asked to go outside the room except both of them & said it would take about 30 minutes to complete the whole process. So now they started with it & we waited for a while.

As they said, they completed the thing in the given time, they took blood samples as well from the hand of a body. They said about the certificate, which will be provided in one & half month of time from the date. They left the place.Again everything got resumed as usual.

So Eye Donation is really done now. I was feeling great. I can say it was my first major involvement in the eye donation. This donated eyes will make two persons new lives. Another good thing was, nobody opposed in this noble cause. Otherwise I have heard, somebody will always be there in against, because of the wrong believes.

Read this nice story, written by Jaldip only. I would like to thanks him & my friends for his support & everything. This is just a beginning for us. I request you people, please come forward for this noble cause.

Apple WWDC 2009: iPhone 3G got some new features.

  • 3 Megapixel autofocus camera
  • Video recording
  • Voice Control
  • Digital compass
  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • MMS23
  • Spotlight Search
  • Landscape keyboard
  • Voice Memos
  • Forward messages with text, video, photos, audio, locations, and contact information to others
  • Peer to Peer, Now your iPhone can find the other iPhone in the area & you can play the games with other device having iPhone OS 3 .
The new iPhone is called now iPhone 3G S, will be available from Jun 19.
iPhone 3G (without `S`), is now cheaper by 50% in price.