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This is one of the coolest thing I seen in Linux. Now converting image formats from and to for the various image/video formats is lot easier. A script is available for the same. Download it.

You will need to place it in "/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts" in your home directory. To use the script right-click any image/video file, navigate to 'Scripts' » 'avconvert'.
However you will need to install 'imagemagick' for image conversion and resizing thing, and 'ffmpeg' for video conversion to get the script working.

$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick
$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
Here are some features.
  • Converts between various audio/video formats
  • Converts between various image formats
  • Creates an image of your text file
  • Various conversions between TXT, RTF, HTML, MSOffice and OpenOffice
  • Produce a WAV file from your text.
For more: visit here.
The screenshots shown below can explain all.

About a month has been passed, I installed Ubuntu 8.04. Firefox 3 was the default installed on it.
From starting I faced lot many problems regarding the Flash on FF3. Somehow sometimes it played flash videos, but always got hanged after playing 4-5 seconds of video. After referring lot many google searches, I installed FF3, 'lashplugin-nonfree', 'swfdec-mozilla', 'adobe-flashplugin'.. lot many times. But still the problem was not solved.

Finally, Part of Solution found on Ubuntu forums, got it worked. This is how:

sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree gnash gnash-common swfdec-mozilla && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree libflashsupport

That leads to flash working on Opera only, still not in FF3. The problem I got when I launched it from command line. It was not able to initialize shared libraries. So copying all the shared libraries (.so files e.g. libnss3.so, libssl3.so, libplc4.so.. total of 16 files) from FF3 source to '/usr/lib' got it worked.