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Here are some differences, I noticed between Bill Gates & Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates Steve Jobs
He is a PC He is a Mac
He does rethinking after launching new product He does inventive thinking, then launch new product.
Always try to add cool features to pathetic old things Always find new cool things

He wears Suit with Tie and well polished shoes or wears Sweater in cold.He always wears cool black jersey with full sleeves, blue denim jeans and sports shoes
His speech is more vague and filled with abstractionsHe's relaxed so the audience is relaxed
His slides contains lot many characters and small images His slides contain very less no. of characters and bigger images
Uses Blue, Green, Yellow etc. colors in slides.Uses White and Black & Blue colors mostely
Uses terms like "rich capabilities," "rich fonts," "rich way".Uses terms like "cool way," "cool features", "amaizing..".
Drinks water in a glass. He puts the neck of a sports water bottle in his mouth and drinks water
Has a home with lots of Windows His Home, may be called iHome with no Windows
Has windows explorer, can run on Mac, in which Bill gates can hide himself. Has a Finder which can find Bill gates as well.

If you know more or want to share more, post your comments.


  1. harry  

    nice comparison!

  2. Anonymous  

    Good comparison..!! sound realistic..

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