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He's not having charm like SRK in Bollywood and Tom Cruise in Hollywood, not having guls alwayz around & after him like both of mentioned earlier. But he is a Tom Hanks of Bollywood. Yes, the image of Aamir is just like Tom Hanks. The acting & the the way he represents we can compare Aamir with Hanks.

Aamir has also said that he want make a remake of Hollybood blockbuster, 'Forest Gump'. It was the movie in which Tom Hanks played a fantastic role. Let see, What's next Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan will do, after the recent blockbuster 'Ghazini', which was the remake of Tamil movie with same title.


  1. Shailesh Patel  

    Actually "Ghazini" is a remake in hindi and tamil both. Yes its a remake of hollywood movie"MEMENTO" (2000):) It is not a nice movvie only but great work of cinematography and thats why it is nominated for two categories in oscar and other 32nominations with 42 awards. ;)

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