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Have you noticed the hand-postures which I'm talking about ? Is there any different in that from person to person or any fact behind that? Just notice and think about that. How'z your posture look a like? What I guess is, these postures can tell a little bit about a person, don't know whether any survey has been done for this thing so far.

Well, there is a lot difference between Steve and Bill, their postures are difference as well. What to tell about President Barack Obama, he is having a posture of powerful man. When he does that, he make sure that all fingers of a hand are visible. What Bill is doing? nothing special. Is mine like Steve's? is it? I guess yes :). Don't know what Nirav Mehta's posture is telling. As far as I know him, its difficult to tell about him. His all fingers are closed. Sachin & Obama almost same. One thing is common between all of them, all of them are geek. I would like to collect more photos of a person doing specially this postures. Some of them are Narendra Modi, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachhan, Sam Pitroda, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Please share such postures with me.


  1. Anonymous  

    Interesting topic Jignesh! Never noticed about my hand posture! :)

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